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  1. L

    Blossom water

    Can someone tell me if orange blossom water is safe for cockatoos? As in spray bath? thanks
  2. FeatheredM

    What was the hardest

    I'm sure there will be interesting results
  3. asrielshaven

    How do your IRNs like to be bathed?

    Looking to introduce my baby Indian Ringneck to bathing soon! He's still young, but we still need to keep those feathers clean :p What methods do you all use? I've heard from several sources that these birds are not the biggest fans of water, but of course each one's an individual. I was...
  4. AbnormalAvian

    Reluctant Bather

    Jedi HATES baths. I just spent nearly 30 minutes helping him with his pinfeathers, and when I was done, he had pinfeather dust all over him and smelled kinda gross. I offered him both a bowl of water as well as a spray bath, but he still refused. Eventually I just sprayed him down despite him...
  5. Zara

    Video Adélies first bath

    So today Adélie, at 16 weeks and 2 days old, took her FIRST BATH! And you know I videoed it for you all! ;) Enjoy! ❤️ It took her a little while to figure out how to shake her tail to get rid of the excess water, but she figured it all out in the end :)