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bald spot

  1. Hubbabubba

    Parasites or molting?

    Hi everyone! My male budgie recently started losing feathers in the area above his cere and it has gotten worse to the point where I could see the red skin underneath. I also noticed that he has been rubbing his head more often and that there are some black spots which have emerged in that area...
  2. ApolloWhy

    Urgent Bald Spot on Chest

    I actually just created this account today because of this. Apollo is a one year old conure and my second bird. Recently I’ve noticed a small patch on his chest that I could see his skin from. Immediately this sparked alarm, and that alarm only grew when a week later the patch seemed to grow...
  3. S

    My 1.5 to 2 month lutino cockatiel has a bald spot on his back of head/neck

    I got the 1.5 to 2 months old Lutino cockatiel 2 days ago and it seems that she has a bald spot on back of her head/neck, she has these pointed hairs or something pointy on the bald spot. I am not sure if this is something concerning, please help! I attached the photos of her.
  4. Troy72898

    Lil Piko

    Can anyone help me. This is Piko, she is almost 2 yrs old. She has been unhappy & screaming for almost 8 days now. I’ve tried everything to calm her. We have a male (her mate but not in same cage) but in the house which she has had a clutch w in the past. I thought it might be her trying to lay...
  5. BirdWorld

    Bald spot on chicken’s head

    I recently noticed a bald spot on Kiki’s head, right below her comb. She isn’t molting, and doesn’t have any other bald spots, so why could this be?
  6. Grace_F

    Pictures Bald spot Green Cheek Conure

    My Green Cheek Conure is going through a molt right now, he is my first bird and this is my first time dealing with a molt. Yesterday I noticed a small patch of missing feathers right above his nares! He has been getting baths daily and plenty of nutritious vegetable chop. Is this normal for a...
  7. SunnyBeak

    Tattered feathers

    Hello! First time posting here. This is my first bird. My Sun conure is 2 yrs old and I've had her since she was 6 months. I have her on Zupreem but currently trying to switch her to Harrison's. She has a very large cage and plenty of rope perches and safe toys. Her feathers are completely...
  8. Connie&Clyde

    Pictures Large Bald Spot on Butt

    I have two cockatiels, Connie and Clyde. I've had them for over a year now. My parents fostered them for a few months after the previous owners decided they didn't want birds anymore... their original cage was WAY too small (Connie would slap Clyde in the face every time she stretched her...
  9. J

    Bald spine

    Hi guys, I've had my boy since mid September and in the shower today I noticed a strip down the middle portion of his spine that is almost completely bald. Is this normal for a birds spine? When he is dry you cant even notice it... You have to actually part the wet feathers to see it. It's about...
  10. C

    Urgent cockatiel attacked by dog

    Hey this is my first post here and I signed up so I can get some advice. It was just 20 mins ago, I stupidly let my dog in while my cockatiels are out of their cage. One of them got spooked by something and started flying, which my dog saw and started chasing her. Then my bird got cornered and...
  11. E

    Developing Bald Spot? (NOT Plucking)

    hello Everyone - Seeking any input or possible information regarding my dear girls developing bald spot. I've never had an Ekkie before so I am unfamiliar with visual signs and whether they may indicate cause for concern or if this is part of a normal molting process.... She is ~ 5-6 months old...
  12. BirdDad

    Bald Spot on Grey Cockatiel?

    I know that it is normal for lutinos/other mutations to have bald spots on top of their heads but recently my female grey cockatiel has developed a bald patch atop her head, behind her crest. She is currently going through her first moult and she is 6 months old. Could it be because she is...
  13. Nimily

    Urgent African Grey Bald Spots - Worried

    Hello everyone, About three and a half years ago, I was given the most amazing opportunity (because of these forums) to adopt my African Grey Henry. Henry is now 14 years old, and has only plucked once in his life during a time of distress many, many years ago (literally he plucked for one day...