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  1. A

    Cockatiel balance issue

    Hi! My tiel, Stanley, started having trouble balancing while walking today...at first I thought he just tripped and did a little drunk walk, but then I realized it’s his balance...on his right side. He seems normal otherwise...he’s not tilting his head to the right, he can fly normally, he can...
  2. cassiophys

    Urgent Vomiting Cockatiel (Sad update post #8)

    Rhodie is a 4-month old normal grey and she's only been home for a month. (She has not been DNA tested, so she could be he.) She was fine Sunday, maybe just a little less vocal and active, but nothing major. I woke up Monday morning to see that she had thrown up throughout the night and there...
  3. K

    Urgent Cockatiel Cannot perch/balance

    Cockatiel fell in her cage and since has he balance issues. She shows no signs of broken bones, loss of grip, or pain. She is eating drinking playing as normal she just struggled to climb the cage and perch herself. And walking on the bottom of the cage she stumbles. I’m going tomorrow to the...
  4. Alexi

    Falling off Perch?

    Hello Everyone! I posted a bit back about my little Cockatiel, Nimbus (He's almost 5 months old) but now I have a new concern and though I've read up about it I'm still curious to see what the lovely people of the site have to say. Nimbus falls off his perch when he sleeps, once or maybe even...