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#baby conure

  1. Grigals

    Sun conure behaviour

    Hello!! I have a new sun conure (awaiting DNA test so no name yet) I have my 2 green cheeks but this is my first sun so I'm still figuring out what their behaviours mean! I'm worried about my little guy, he's quite anxious from his previous owner. He has been very badly clipped and has no...
  2. M

    Baby Sun conure

    Hello! today I got a baby sun conure he’s 4 months old (hatched oct 27th) and I’m worried he’s been weaned too early. He’s been screaming, taking My finger and trying to get me to feed him, and he’s a little underweight. He’s been eating and drinking but I’m still worried.
  3. KiwiPo

    Backpack bird Carrier or Bag Carrier?

    Since harness training is going to take a long time and because we just need a bird carrier, what kinda do you prefer? I would love to take my bird on walks so that she can get some vitamin D :D Also any tips with introducing the outside to birds would be great.
  4. KiwiPo

    Is My Baby Bird Going to Remember Me?

    I unfortunately have been struck with an illness that the doctors are still unsure of and am resting at my parent’s house. It’s been a couple weeks since I have not seen my baby Conure and I won’t be able to see her again in a month and possibly more depending on how my health goes. Will my bird...
  5. KiwiPo

    My Bird Acts Like He Doesn’t Get Attention But He Gets So Much

    He doesn’t make noise in his cage however, he likes to do acrobats and run all over the cage. He does this for an hour and when he does move around me and the s/o try our hardest to ignore him...but he’s so cute. But we are strict about what time he goes back into the cage. He’s been out since 9...
  6. KiwiPo

    What is the Best Harness for a Conure

    I have a black-capped conure and have heard that this breed is smaller than other conures. He is about 9 weeks old now and is very desensitized to touch. He lets us touch his beak, under the wings, feet, and belly. We do know that petting too much in certain areas can cause hormonal issues but...
  7. KiwiPo

    Baby Bird’s Wings are Twitching

    He’s always been kind of like that but we noticed that today he has been extra twitchy and more vocal today. We are setting an appointment with an avian vet but what do you guys think of his behavior? Is he okay? I’ve been told that some birds make noises when they eat but he seems to make these...
  8. KiwiPo

    What are some essential tricks/training for a bird?

    We have been doing target training, step ups, and recall?( not sure if that’s the right word but just flying to our hands)What are some useful or essential things we should teach him?? Also when do you know when a bird has mastered a trick? When he no longer needs to see a treat? Also for...
  9. KiwiPo

    What Kind of Music Does Your Bird Like?

    Me and my s/o have a young conure and we want to introduce and dance in front of our bird Kiwipo but are unsure what kind of music birds like! Does your bird like music and what genre? I was singing “How deep is your love” and I noticed my bird staring and falling asleep. He’s now 8 weeks so he...
  10. SnowB

    Hyper 10 wk old sun conure

    Hello everyone :) I have a 10 week old Sun Conure who has suddenly gone from well behaved and overall calm to extremely hyper about 3 days ago! I’ve been trying to click train him but he doesn’t respond to the clicker. The only things he responds to are my commands but the clicker just does...
  11. KiwiPo


    Idk how to upload videos on here but we noticed that for his age of a little over 7 weeks he is a great flyer! Here is a link to my Instagram story! I’m on private but if you can’t view my story I will put it to public for a couple hours...
  12. KiwiPo

    How Much Oranges Can My Baby Conure Have?

    Today is Kiwipo’s fourth day home. We have been introducing to him a variety of foods. So far he only likes oranges in the fruit compartment. Oranges are acidic so how much should I give him? Right now he is eating 1 piece of a cutie orange and totally annihilated it. Is this too much for him...
  13. KiwiPo

    When Should I Start Introducing Pellets to my Baby Conure?

    He is roughly 5-6weeks old and we have had him for 3 days now. He is extremely tamed and is VERY food motivated. He just got done with liquid feedings and was fed seeds and soft grain/veggie mixture. When should I start introducing pellets? I was recommended and have bought a large bag of...
  14. KiwiPo

    Needy Bird Please Help

    Today is his second day home. At the store he was hand fed and handled and was not scared of us. Yesterday, he immediately started playing with his toys, ate his seeds( we r planning on feeding him pellets but r going to wait on that) and even tried some eggs, killer Dave bread, and lemon...
  15. R

    Baby conure won’t be quiet

    Hey so I have a baby conure who is about 6 weeks old and it won’t stop doing those little chirps (like when it wants food) even after its crop is full. When ever I hold it, it does those little screams, when ever I leave it alone, it does those little screams. I have no idea what to do or how to...