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avian borna virus

  1. T


    Hello all, I recently brought home my new baby, a 4 month old blue throat macaw. I took her right away to get her tests at the vet and she came back positive for bornavirus. From what I read online is ALL horror stories. She appears super healthy, eating like a champ, and very playful. As I do...
  2. jmorris124

    New Grey, bornavirus advice please!! (and thank u :)

    I bought a baby african grey (I know shopping is bad, but I looked everywhere for a rescue and couldn't find one) and I'm scheduled to take her home august 1st once she weans. I visit her almost every day, I've already taught her to eat chop, and have so many toys, a huge cage, play stand...
  3. P

    Urgent Sick African Grey

    Hi, my African Grey, Kiwi, appears to be sick for the past few days. I’ve noticed that she has been sleeping a lot and not eating as much as usual. Yesterday I noticed that she is off balance and unable to walk. I took her to an avian vet who took some X-rays and did blood work. I was told that...
  4. georgieporgie

    Urgent possible bornavirus 4 month old ggc

    hello, i just adopted a 4 month old conure and i took him to the vet today for a physical. he seems to have trouble balancing and griping. when i pick him up his legs shake. im hoping its just because hes young and clumsy but they recommended a bornavirus test but i cant afford it at the moment...
  5. S

    In search of Advice for African Grey with PDD

    Our adorable Sylvie 8 years old stopped talking in 4/2017 and lost about 40 grams of weight; and on xray has VERY enlarged proventricle. After nearly dying from GI bleeding, most likely from the Meloxicam NSAID medication, she is now home with us. We are giving her flagyl, shots of Celebrex...