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  1. AddieWattl

    Attached Cockatiel

    Hey guys, my cockatiel is around 6 months old. When I got him he was clipped but I want him to grow his feathers back so he can fly. Every time I leave the room he screams until I come back and doesn't like being in his cage. I swap around his toys a lot, so is there any way I could get him to...
  2. Frogpasta

    Attached too soon

    Hello, brand new bird owner here! I’m panicking a bit (understatement) because I’m worried my cockatiel is too “attached” to me already... I literally just got them today, and I think I might’ve accidentally given them too much attention (because I have a hard time saying no) and now he freaks...
  3. Koby-GCC

    Clingy/possessive GCC

    Hi everyone, I am a new member - my name is Jordii :greet14: I have a GCC (Koby) and he is about 14 months old. He is absolutely lovely and continuously says 'I love you' and 'good boy Koby' - which he learnt from our training sessions, haha. I have read all about how to combat the 'naughty'...
  4. babyblue35

    Pictures Should I get a brother for my Blue and Gold??

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely ADORE my baby Blu :xflove: (or course). My issue right now is that he is so needy of me that I can't even walk by his tree or perch or cage without him screaming if I don't let him step up on me. He barely plays with his toys because all he wants is me...