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  1. S

    Cockatiel Allergies?

    So I took my cockatiel to a certified avian vet. And he told me that my cockatiel has low-grade, mild allergies to his own dust/dander. He has these little episodes of sniffles. Besides an air purifier and humidifier, he prescribed Hydroxyzine to be placed in his water. Has anyone heard of...
  2. MrPink

    Tree nut-free mixes

    Hello! I have a severe tree nut allergy (cashews, almonds, etc), and its been challenging to find a quality seed mix for my grasskeets that doesn't contain these. (I *can* be exposed to peanut) Up until this point, I've just been buying a basic seed base and adding in freeze dried veggies...
  3. M

    Asthmatic Allergic patient and pet birds

    Hello, I have one question again, me and my family members has asthmatic problem. But, I want to pet birds. I bought 5 pair budgies and 1 pair cockatiels in difference room. No one sleep or stay in that room. I want to know health related question. Can I able to pet birds in this situation?? If...
  4. Sulphy Too

    Cockatoo dust allergies?

    Hello to everyone on this wonderful forum: I am a ten year owner of a sulphur crested cockatoo I have had since he was a baby bird .He is one of the best things that ever happened to me and is my best friend . He does not see much of his cage other than when he sleeps in it or if I go away...
  5. C

    Urgent HELP my blue and gold macaw has red puffy itchy eye

    hello, the past few nights i have heard my macaw sneezing in the middle of the night. (she sleeps in the same room as me) and i didn't think much of it because during the day she doesn't at all... but tonight she clearly has an irritated eye and is keeping it closed and itching it. I am...