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  1. TwinTales

    Aggressive Males! What should I do?

    This post is about my two cockatiels, I have a year and a half old pied named Seb and a year old white face named Maui. To preface, the two don't seem to like each other very much, at least Maui never really much enjoyed being near Seb, he would scream and try to chase Seb away, whereas Seb was...
  2. Kima

    Socializing to other humans – is it possible?

    Hi, I need help! I rescued a 13 year old Quaker with a plucking and self-mutilating problem, which I have gotten under control, mostly because I work at home and can be around him most of the time and collar him when I’m out, usually for short periods. He still has issues, and the one that’s...