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abnormal conure poop

  1. susiemlo

    Baby Conure Weird Poop?

    Hi, my baby conure is about 5 months old and seems to be having her first molt! The last time we took her to the vet they said she had a small infection but it could be treated with apple cider vinegar water which we have been giving her for the past 3 weeks. However, I’m concerned about her...
  2. miss.luna

    8-9 MONTH GCC Weight..

    Hello! First time bird owner here. I weigh my girl before bed time and she’s roughly 62-63 grams. By the next morning, she is 59-60 grams.. Maintaining 60-61 grams throughout the day. 63 grams to 59 is a lot for a decrease overnight no? Should I be worried? My girl has a batch of veggies and...
  3. T

    New Parront Conure with abnormal droppings? please help.

    Hi guys, I recently took in a Sun Conure and have never owned a bird. I am still learning. Here's a few facts; My guy was on a seed only diet when I got him. I have just in the last couple of days switched him to a pelleted diet, along with some sweet potato and a grape here and there. He's...