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Very large aviary?

Discussion in 'Budgie Boulevard' started by cosmolove, 10/5/17.

  1. Familyof12

    Familyof12 Sprinting down the street I Can't Stop Posting!

    Santa Clara, California
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    I can imagine how cold it gets in Ohio and the the Atlantic Canadian winters! I was in Minneapolis in 2003 and it was so cold my earrings froze in my ears and it was the worst pain when I got somewhere warm! I learned to be cold proof and that's hard for me! I'm a west coast person, growing up in Hawaii and California. Mild temperatures are what I know unless I'm traveling. I just found this online. It is an empty room/garage with trees in it. Most look like they are DYI projects that could be done with a few trips to Home Depot or Lowes. I'm still working on mine. I'm almost done and so excited! We've got the screens cut and ready to staple to the wood frames that will enclose the canopy on the two sides there are openings. We are also double screening it so make sure that if one gets through one screen there will be another to go through. So one screen nailed to the inside of the canopy and another screen on the outside, plus the mosquito netting and clear shower curtains. I've got my heaters and we've tried it out without the screens and shower curtains and it was cozy!! Hubby just got the two tall outdoor heaters (range is 500 feet) and a smaller one for the lower parts. We will be circulating the air with a small outdoor humidifier that has a fan in it.

    indoor outdoor aviaries for winter
    outdoor aviaries for cold climates
    outdoor aviaries for cold climates

    I too am hoping if I get the outdoor aviary right, they will be able to hang out there all winter and still get some sun. Next year, I will work on the bird room. Too many projects but so much fun!

    @cosmolove, thank you so much for starting this thread! I'll be watching it closely!
  2. HolliDaze

    HolliDaze Strolling the yard

    The zoo I volunteered at had a budgie/cockatiel/princess parrot aviary. They had their own building and outdoor area. Guests were given popsicle sticks with millet glued on the end (non toxic hot glue) and got to feed the birds. They are not tame, and would at most land on your hand to get the millet. There Were 100+ budgies, 30 or so cockatiels, and 3 or 4 princess parrots. Most of the available perches were out of reach of guests, so the birds could choose if they interacted with them. I've sat on the floor when no guests are around, the little guys get curious and climb all over me if im still. The building was heated, so it was open year round .
  3. cosmolove

    cosmolove Biking along the boulevard Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Veteran

    Dayton, OH
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    Erica (:
    With the amount of animals we have I should start charging admission like a zoo :p The joys of living on a farm I guess!

    These are all some good ideas, our garage doesn't exactly have a heat vent in the room but due to the laundry room and bathroom that share the wall it actually stays relatively warm in there in the winter as it is now. We planned to add a heat source to the room tho. Last winter for example even when it got really cold outside to where the wind was burning your face the garage stayed pretty warm to the point the water bottles and bowls never froze for the few animals we had living in there last winter.

    I'm hoping the heat source doesn't blow the project out of the water :p Late last winter we also got chicks and had two little heat lamps in there and man just with those two lamps it stayed super nice in there, I'm hoping a small heat source for the garage itself and then some heat panels would do the trick.

    @HolliDaze was the inside of the building those birds have air conditioned or just fans with the choice of going outside? Did they make them come inside at night in the summers or did the birds have the choice.

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