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You know you're bird crazy when...

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M.C Bird Rescue

So....ya. That is umm....like ME! hahahaha Wow..I am a crazy bird lady.
But forgot to add.....

You make appointments around your birds schedule
You tell people what you found at the dollar store and they look at you like you are crazy.
For Christmas you ask your family for gift cards to pet stores (I do this)
You have a giant Van just for transporting bird cages, or a trailer
You have an entire shelving unit dedicated just to bird supplies.
You collect phone books and ask family for theyre old ones.
Get excited over veggie sales at the store
Your birds eat better than all the humans in the home..we have pizza..birds have a full course dinner.
Buy a bigger turkey at thanksgiving because you have a lot of BEAKS to feed
You have Banana Stucco and think about just painting your house in BROWN to mask the stains.
Theres bird food in every corner you look in.
You have no room for human food in the fridge.

Thats it..but thats just MY house. hahahahahaah


Walking the driveway
near Raleigh North Carolina
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The one about "vases full of feathers instead of flowers" was great! You forgot to include something about how bad your indoor plants look because they are all chewed up and half the dirt in the pots is on the floor. I have to designate a plant sanctuary in one part of my house to keep a few bird-safe plants alive. Note that Bird-Safe means safe for the birds but deadly for the plants. Thank heavens, plants are renewable resources, as long as you are careful to hide a few from the birds. :rofl:
Not open for further replies.