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AUCTION WPR/LLL Auction Item #80 Mac Beanie Baby

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Item #80: Mac Beanie Baby
Starting Bid: $7 US
Minimum bid increment: $2
Shipping: Included in donation to US/See below

Donated by: @Wasabisaurus

Mac Beanie Baby. His name is Jabber.
The Mac is pre-owned, but in perfect shape. Nice bright colors.
His tag is protected and the attachment is original.
According to Ebay info, Jabber was hatched in 1997

Free shipping in the USA.
In Canada, we’ll figure it out.

Macaw Beanie1.PNG
Macaw Beanie2.PNG
1. Bidding is from Saturday, January 20 @ 9 am ET to Sunday, January 21, 2018 @ 6:59 pm ET. The winning bidder will be the last to bid by 6:59 pm ET.
2. Prices are in US $ for all items.
3. Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated.
4. Bid on this thread.
5. Post questions about this item below.
6. Payment is expected immediately. Please do not bid unless you are serious about buying, donating and can pay at auction close.
7. Please add up your items won from the Winning Bid/Bidder thread. You will not be receiving pm's from me this time. I will put totals at the bottom of the thread eventually but you don't need to wait for them.
8. Payment for items is to be made using the Donations button (Paypal) here on Avian Avenue. Any shipping fees not included is to be paid directly to the item donor. Please pm the donor and include me (DQTimnehs) for shipping amount and to provide your name and address for shipping.
9. Items will be shipped once the winning bid amount has been paid as well as shipping cost, if applicable.
10. Auction is open to Avian Avenue members. No minimum post count required.
11. Have fun & thanks for bidding!!!

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