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White Fronted Amazon


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My White Fronted Amazon is 2 years old and has recently gone through her Bluffing period. During this time she has begun chewing the feathers on her chest but she has never actually plucked them. She has stopped chewing the feathers on her chest and has begun to pluck the feathers on her back and wings. She doesn't play with the feathers after they've been plucked but just drops them to the bottom of her cage. And she isn't plucking at her skin. I can't tell if the feathers were already loose before she plucked them out. This would indicate molting especially since there was no damage to the shaft of the feather or the feather itself. Kaleo is provided with preening toys, foraging toys, as well as wood toys.She also gets regular mistings and baths. The preening and wood toys are her favorite. I have had her since she was 13 weeks old and she has a diet of the Zupreem natural pellets and fresh fruits and veggies. I have never seen her behave this way. Nothing seems to be physically wrong with her. If she is plucking out of boredom what are some things I can give her to not pluck? If she is plucking for another reason what could it be?!


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Post some photos of the feathers you suspect were plucked/snipped.
There's obvious signs experienced members here will see if the feather is normally molted or plucked.
If you're worried, make a vet appointment.
Plucking can have many reason's, health related ones are common.