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When visiting other birds...


Meeting neighbors
So I have a safety concern that when I go places where other birds are present that they will have some sort of infection or virus or airborne transmitted issue that I will then take home to my birds. Most of my fears are unrealistic and paranoia but can you all help me to differentiate between the real concerns and the made up in my head exaggerated concerns. Ones I should watch out for and worry about and ones that are unlikely to transmit?

I used to volunteer at a bird Sanctuary that had a whole room full of sick birds, you had to scrub up to go in and out and the vents were closed to prevent it getting to the rest of the rescue. I never went in and then eventually stopped volunteering for fear of the safety of my birds. Again, in my head fears. I never heard of any other birds getting sick not even the birds of the owner or volunteers that went directly into to the room. But that's my point, what should a bird parront be worried about when around other birds?

I am visiting a friend for the first time next week at her place. She has a bird that she says has been feeling off lately. Well, I don't want to cancel and seem rude if it's nothing but I also don't want whatever her bird may or may not have transmitting to my birds. Again, chalk it up to an over protective parront but I just want to be responsible and know what is safe and what is not safe for my birds. I also would like her to come visit my birds at my place but what if anything should I be worried about her bringing into my house.



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Ive had birds for years and went to petstore fairs etc....never gotten mine sick....I also have chickens and let me tell you they are disease carriers For diseases that can effect other species of birds im more paranoid of going places with chickens then places with pet birds