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what are some weird quirks your birds have?


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i'm a newbie to bird care, but all the birds i've met in my life have been absolutely bursting with personality. birds can be the strangest, goofiest little creatures sometimes i swear.
so, what are some silly or weird things your bird does during their day-to-day? it'd be hard to list every weird thing about lamarr, but a few immediately come to mind.

firstly, he's a little overly curious about people's faces. especially their eyes. other starling owners have told me this is fairly common, and i really wish i knew that before he decided my shoulder is his favorite napping spot. :roflmao: people are always so taken by the thoughtful stare he seems to do when looking at their faces, but i've come to know that as a sign i need to issue a warning! you just can't let his sweet little face fool you.

second thing is his vocalizations. now, i'm very aware that starlings are chatty birds. very aware :laugh: however, he has a particularly interesting one in which he somehow makes the exact same sound he makes whenever he poops. i don't know if this is purposeful mimicry or just a weird sound he likes to make because he thinks it's fun (he's young, so i think it's the latter) but he always does this when sitting on my shoulder, chest, etc. and even though i don't think he does it with any real intention, he absolutely finds it entertaining when people panic because they think he pooped on them. i swear lamarr is like, 75% chutzpah and mischief and 25% actual bird.

last thing i can think of off the top of my head without making this longer than it needs to be are his musical choices. i've mentioned it in another thread i made, but for some reason he LOVES punk and metal music. maybe i'm just too used to my cat, who will glare at you if you play anything but soft acoustic music around him, but i really think lamarr might be bikini kill's biggest avian fan. i don't think i've ever met an animal who i can confidently say likes the dead kennedys before meeting lamarr, but here i am singing their music to him nearly every day :hehepink: i guess it suits his personality!!

what are some strange things about your bird(s)? i know me and lamarr would love to read about them :pinkgrin:


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Burt wakes up a long time before he is actually ready to start his day. He moves from the perch he slept on to another one and poops (I can hear that hitting the floor from the other side of the house :depressed: lol) then he quietly whispers and says Shhh to himself for ages, when he’s ready for curtains open and breakfast there will either be a very loud clear “rah” or “hello” I love this morning routine he’s come up with as I find it quite adorable.


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I suppose that Ralph's fondness for sitting in the kitchen cupboard or the dishwasher could be called quirky. When he's in the cupboard he likes to play with a wooden honey dipper that he "stole" from the countertop and claimed for his own. He just likes to move it around on the shelf and that keeps him amused for minutes at a time. :D