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Weaning a 12 week old African Grey


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Hi everyone,

I recently got an African Grey (I got it at 11 weeks and it is nearly 13 weeks now) The breeder told me to feed it formula twice a day. My problem is that it is not eating any pellets/seeds/fruit or veg during the day. Whenever I check, it looks like he has barely touched any food and I can see that his crop is empty.

As soon as he sees me he wants food. So I have been feeding him formula 3 times a day on some days and other days twice a day.

He will eat a little solid food after I have fed him formula, but only if I hand him food. I am worried that he is not eating while I am not around so I’m not sure whether or not I should be feeding him formula 2 or 3 times a day all the reading and research I have done says that by 12 weeks, African greys should be eating ‘solid’ foods on their own during the day and mine seems to just be eating formula. I know each Grey is different and weans when they are ready but I suppose I am looking for reassurance and the right advice.

Thank you!!

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If your baby is looking for food, keep on feeding! Larger birds take longer to wean. You want your baby to wean off the food on their own. There is nothing wrong with offering comfort feedings. At this point they are not life critical unless the baby eats nothing else. Just more so a form of comforting that baby and allowing a stronger bond with you.

My Mealy Amazon was hatched 5/22/09 and came home 8/31/2009 and he required comfort feedings 2 times per day for weeks! When he was not wanting that anymore, I pretty much stopped. They will let you know when they are no longer wanting the mush but find the good stuff. :D


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Monitor weight. I have a 20 week old grey who I still handfeed when needed. She is more willing to try new things when it’s warmed and offered from my fingers first. She loves moist pellets and warm veggie mash. Don’t be in any hurry to stop handfeedings. The dedication to it now pays off. You want a confident baby in the end so abundance feeding is the key:)