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Watery Droppings Every Morning, but then Normal Droppings the Rest of the Day


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I got a new cockatiel about two months ago. He's currently 4 months old. Since bringing him home, I've noticed his droppings during the morning are almost always very loose and watery. Sometimes he will even pass what just seems like pure liquid (no fecal or urates, literally just liquid). Other watery droppings will have lots of liquid and very runny fecal part (usually green or brown) and very little urate. But then by the afternoon and through the rest of the day, his droppings are completely normal looking, consisting of all three parts, a normal consistency and frequency, and basically nothing of concern at all. His overnight droppings also seem normal, piling up to about a tablespoon size of dropping under the perch he sleeps on.

I'm new to bird ownership but things I've read from books and other sources seem to indicate the watery droppings on a frequent basis could be concerning. I had him to an avian vet for a wellness check when I first got him and they said he was in great shape and all his tests came back good as well. My bird doesn't seem to be acting "off" either. He preens frequently, plays in and out of his cage, hangs out with me, is eating and drinking, etc. He's also covered for about 12 hours at night, but I'm not sure if he's resting that entire time since our house can be quite noisy until 11PM. The only potentially odd thing is he will eat very little or no food in the morning and seems to eat a little during the afternoon and then a TON in the evening (he usually will be pecking at his food bowl on and off constantly between 5-7PM. His diet is a mix of 65% pellets (3 different brands) and 35% seed/grain mix. He gets a little millet spray each day as well for the daily training we do. I also offer fresh fruits and veggies every day, but he barely will eat these. Just a few bites here and there of some veggies. Weight has been fairly stable between 86-89 grams.

Any thoughts on this situation? This is my first bird so just want to make sure I'm not missing anything that could be a concern! Thanks for any insight!


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