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WANTED: Small Bird Flight Cage

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Hey, guys. I'll try to keep this really short and concise.

Out of the five birds my family owns, only our two parakeets live in cages that aren't flight cages. They're a bit small, the standard sort of parakeet cages you'd find at petco or wherever. They are absolutely petrified of people, so they get no time outside of their cages, and I feel awfully guilty about it.

I'd really, really love for them to get a large flight cage for them to share. (A divided cage would work fine, also!)
Neither of my parents are making a great deal of money, as my mom is a teacher assistant and my dad is working as a CNA at a psychiatric hospital. I'm definitely not asking for anything free, but something below $100 would be good. Something around $50 would be excellent!

If you have any used or sort of beat up flight cages that could house two parakeets, please contact me!
(I could post pictures of their current cages if you'd like.)



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I would look at craigslist or eBay. I'm hesitant to ever re-use someone's cage unless it is of super high quality, all SS with no rusting, etc.

Mine are prevue ones that we got for about 120 but I found the same one for 84! See below link. It isn't the best but it works for my little ones. If I had a larger bird, I would certainly be shelling out the extra $$ for the pure SS as a bigger bird would be able to chew the wires and I wouldn't be comfortable with it. Here is the link to the one that I got that is now less than $100. I hope this works for you.

prevue flight cages


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I second @Familyof12 ! I have 2 Prevue f040's, the second one I got from Amazon with free shipping for 96 dollars. For the little guys (parakeets, lovies and similar) it's great! I think it's about the biggest cage you can get for little guys under 100$.