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"Torrbollen" - dehumidifier... safe?


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I have considered getting a "Torrbollen" (common in Sweden) dehumidifier for a while now, but I am not sure if it would be safe for my boys (Caiques). Does anyone know whether it would be safe to use in a home with birds?

I have a small (meant to be a pantry, actually) room where I keep all my aquariums and terrariums. The humidity in this room is thus quite concerning. I tried using an electric-type dehumidifier before, sadly resulting in an extremely hot room and one of my giant African land snails passing. My guess is that it was meant for a much larger space; apparently, the electric-type humidifiers generate a lot of heat when the process is going on, creating a literal sauna in that small space.

So now I am considering getting a "Torrbollen" (which is a chemical-type dehumidifier) to keep in there. Especially since I am living in a rental apartment, I am more than a little concerned about mold developing in that room. That would not be a fun conversation to have with the landlord.

This room I am talking about is always closed, obviously, except for when I take care of the animals living there. When the door is open, my birds are always in their cage in another room. In other words, there is no way my parrots would ever be able to come into contact with the chemicals in the "Torrbollen", but I am still concerned it may pose a danger to them just by being in the apartment. After all, birds are extremely sensitive creatures. Does anyone know if these types of dehumidifiers (with calcium chloride) put out anything dangerous in the air, etc., when in use?

Other ideas on how to remedy my problem with humidity in this particular tiny space while also keeping all of my pets safe

Link to "Torrbollen": Torrbollen - Everbrand