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The problem with “mini pigs”....


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Is that they aren’t so mini. Good article here on “mini pigs.”

The Big Problem With Mini-Pigs

My cousin also got a little baby pig. She was told it was a little miniature pig. And it was small... when it was a baby. The pig, named LittleBit, was about the size of a Chihuahua when she was young. Now, she weighs a few hundred pounds, and is the size of a large dog (bigger than our Gizmo). The pig still lives with my cousin, outside, in a little pen, but this size pig was not what she was expecting.

People need to stop searching for and expecting little tiny pigs that can run around the house and act like a little puppy dog or kitten, when in reality they’re going to grow to be hundreds of pounds and most likely too big to even wonder around a house.