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Stray cat dilemma


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I apologize. I was incorrectly speaking from my experience and not considering the wider outreach of the problem. We were always happy to have some random cats around. I'm unable to figure out how to remove the post, which I would like to do as it has upset people and not helped as I intended it.
From my perspective, Feral Cats are able to live independently- they don't need human care. I was not in any sense saying to abandon a domestic cat, domestic cats do not know life without relying on humans. If I'm interpreting feral correctly it means it doesn't need humans. This is a wild animal causing issues in this person's area. It's not unkind to relocate it to a different habitat, especially one more suited to it, and there are many reasons a person may not want to take an active role in the choice to euthanize a wild animal.
As for people commenting on the costs of barn cats- they never cost my family anything. They feed themselves, they care for themselves. They aren't pets. They don't come near people. This was not a thread about a domestic cat it was about a feral cat.

I apologize that I have offended people, but please ignore my post and reply to the original poster with information you deem helpful to them, as their problem does not appear to be resolved.
Edit on my original reply. Removed my passive language.


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