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Starting a Bird/Aviary company


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so, i am not sure if this is in the right forum, but i am just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this?

I am planning to start a company which builds and maintains aviary’s with tropical birds for offices. The idea is to bring some nature back in the grey world of concrete and simulated lights.

There’s allready a trend where people take their dogs to work, but i feel an aviary can be just as great and has many benefits!

So... anyone with idea’s? I would surely welcome them :)

The idea is neat and sounds good. However there is a reality part to this especially in the U.S.
Depending on the bird ( powdery birds) there would be health regulations hurdles to over come. Many people in offices, or in general , have allergies to birds. Offices can be climate controled, usually by cool air in summer, where bird dust can interfere with ducts. You have a president or CEO of company to deal with, they aren't always forgiving.
Bird screaming can interfere with phone calls, or hearing on phone, especially if an emergency is involved. If communication wasn't relayed properly because of background screaming, you then got serious problems on hand.
Though as one mentioned, there is therapy birds, in nursing homes. I have seen that. Or in relatively small offices that associate with animals. That might work. But big businesses or corporations, not so much.