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So,now what?


Jogging around the block
Real Name
Sam Chan
I've watched the mac training sticky but I have a slightly 'exotic' case.You know,that hardware store.I would like to get accepted by them,not just one,but all the macaws.(which are a green-wing,two B&Gs,a military[not red-fronted] and a green-wing/B&G hybrid).
One of the B&Gs (I've named Bluie),is a hecc of TNT.Aggressive to practically anyone,not someone you wanna mess with.George the Green-wing is much more laid back.The other B&G(Bleu) is more active than nippy,but will fight with George and Russel the military mac.Hillary our hybrid is the best with me,or any other stranger,than the other macs.He'll sit on his perch doing absolutely no-sh*t (not the best hun?),being some live decor that will let out ear piercing screams occasionally,like the other macs.
Basic describing done,now time for the real 'climax'/problem.THEY ARE CHAINED TO THE GODAMMIT PERCH LIKE THE OTHER BIRDS,WHILST HAVING A BIG ENOUGH CAGE FOR 2 MACS JUST LYING THERE.They had one job.Yet on their company's website it stated that their boss,who is there everyday,is a 'animal lover'.Sure you bi*ch.
They enjoys chewing toys as cardboard was given daily(in small amounts but better than nothing) for I suppose,stress relief?I gave them some chew toys too and the demolished them.Also,George,Russel and Bleu are right next to Molly the M2.George being closest,then Bleu and Russel.Puffy and Yeo the YNA sit right next to Grey the CAG along with a dozen finches and canaries in a CAG/Amazon fit cage.
But back to point,what should I do.Bleu enjoys showers when I mist him and water jets (like those from water guns but bulid inside of a mini water sprayer) are used as punishment for the macs for doing what they do in the wild-screaming and flock calls at the evening.They can at most be 10cm away from their perch and a good distance will only be like 5cm.
I've been with large birds,Umbrella and Johnson,U2 and M2 respectively.But never a mac.Only seen at the bird gathering but never really got to know them.Can't say I love them.Still miss my buds up there.The biggest respect that I can give to them now would be to help the rest of the captive and somewhat 'forgotten' birds (as in their treatment and affection given),maybe(in fact,probably) I can't be their one and only,but I can try to be their friend.
They are somewhat like me,losing their home and ppl/flock that they knew of.Probably store-bought (hate this word cause sounds like objects) instead of wild caught but doesn't make their life better than those wild caught.At least those wild caught get to fly for a period of their life freely,but they will always be chained from start to death.Oh well,it has already happened.