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SIDEWALK SALE - Be your own advocate - PLEASE!

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The weekend shoppers have of course, slowed down considerably from Friday... but, looks like a little reminder may help.

There are 3 different Coupon Codes that can be used for this LAST DAY of the Sidewalk Sale;

25% OFF Get A Grip Nets = THEAVE25
25% OFF Avian Antics Toys = AVIANAVE
15% OFF Everything Else in the Store = THEAVE15

Remember you can only use ONE coupon code per order, so to use more than one coupon code you will need to place multiple separate orders. Select LOCAL PICKUP as the shipping option on all orders and I will combine shipping.

I check every order and try very hard to insure that everybody gets their discounts. However, if you don't use one one of the Coupon Codes above, I may not know if you are an AA member. So, please let me know if you didn't get your discount.

I want everybody to get the discounts they are entitled to. These codes are good until Midnight tonight in ALL time zones.

Thanks again to all of you!
Not open for further replies.