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Sick Kitten Help?


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ACT, Australia
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I know you did, I was very happy to hear that your Lovie got the care she needed. :) I'm just saying that it's probably a good idea to create your own vet fund that way next time if/when something happens you don't have to fight with your parents over taking your pets to the vet. I can tell you truly care about your pets based off the way you try to convince your parents to have them taken to the vet. But maybe if you create an emergency vet fund by yourself your parents would be more likely to take the pets to the vet sooner.

Glad to hear your kitty is doing better. Please continue to keep an eye on him.
I've already started a vet fund thanks to your advice. Max is acting like his old self again. Not throwing up, eating, etc. I'll still keep an eye on him but he's doing great! :)