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Relentless Biting From Conure


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Hi, I've recently gotten Kiwi, a green cheek conure, I've had him for 2 weeks now (he's 5 months old) and he has adjusted well and has been a joy to be with. However, anytime I put my hands near him, he will run towards them and try to bite. I let him adjust to his new surroundings for about a week, I then fed him through the cage bars and from my palm and it was going well but he still always tries to bite my hand. I've moved on to step up training and he has been relentless, he has broken skin through thick gloves several times and won't let go when he bites. I can consistently get him to step up to a wooden perch but he then runs towards my hands and tries to bite. I've tried putting him back in his cage and leaving him alone but he still continues once I let him out again. I'm trying to be patient with him and going at a slow pace but I'm unsure as to how I can stop him from being aggressive. I don't know much about his previous owner or history.
Any help would be appreciated. :D


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Maybe this thread will be helpful:

Spend more time beside the cage feeding treats and talking to your bird. If you notice him fluff up or try to bite, back off a little. Earning trust is a long process :)


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I was right there with you a couple weeks ago;) i would say to back off a little bit, continue feeding him from your hand and using the stick to move him around. when you open the cage door, let him come out on his own. let him get used to being around you. keep doing this for a couple days/weeks (whenever you and Kiwi feel comfortable), then when you notice that he wants to move around then offer your hand as transportation.

I've had Salem for about three weeks now and he is just starting to step up willingly. It all takes time. Don't give up hope and move at your birds pace!