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Question about humidity and muilating


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I have a dusky conure who has a history of picking his skin when he has a thick feather coming in. He has been the vets many time and they think its hormonal. I thought I finally cracked his problem which is low humidity/room was too hot and it was working well until my humidifier broke.. and it got down to 38%. My question is could the fact the humidity got down to 38% be the reason he decided to pick again or the timing just sucks when this all happened? I try to keep it high 40's- mid 50's% and temperature at about 70-75. Anyone else have the same problem before. He eats roudybush and harrisons. His snacks are sometimes black beans/pinto beans,banana( twice a month),apple,kale,brussels,egg,butternut squash,bell peppers. He has been on gabapetin before and i don't think it made a difference. The next step is that hormonal shot but I really wanted to see if I try everything before I do that.

edit: I do have collars I made earlier this year but he chewed on his neck feathers when he had it on so I'm trying not to use it. The wound isnt bleeding and is dry to touch


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Overly dry air can lead to dry skin.
I'm not sure how to judge percentages with humidity, but if your humidifier quit working I imagine your air is much dryer than normal.
So I'd say that yes, that may be a contributing factor in his plucking.