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Purchase Indian Ringneck Fully Weaned or Not?


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Oh wow, I'm so glad you got the baby! Good for you for insisting! Scary stuff.


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Hi all. Meet Charlie. I picked him up at LaGuardia airport Tuesday night. It was horrifying for a while. He started his journey at 1:00pm from Sarasota Florida and was landing at 11:00pm with Delta cargo in NY. I get to the cargo building at 10:30pm because the flight was coming in early and Delta cargo was CLOSED! Found out from a maintenance guy in the lot that they have been closing at 8:00pm because of Covid. How do you have live animals coming in at 11:00 and you close 3 hours before.? The guy told me to come back tomorrow. I wasn't leaving. I went to Delta arrivals to the lost baggage office and told them about it. They didn't even know that cargo closes early. They spoke to a supervisor and again I was told tomorrow. I went out to baggage claim where one of the supervisors was, right next to a luggage carousel with people all around that have been waiting for their luggage for an hour already, and proceeded to get loud. " How can you ship someone's pet and close the building before the flight even landed? MY BIRD WILL BE DEAD BY TOMORROW!" They quickly brought me back into the baggage office and miraculously another supervisor called to tell them that an employee is bringing my precious cargo to me there. 15 minutes later my little boy was in my hands. I actually cried when I saw him. I was so worried. I will post my experiences with him when I got home in another post. The good and the bit of bad. Thank you all for your help in advising me for getting my little boy.