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Pionus is not eating anymore


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I have a problem

One of my Pionus parrots (around 1 year old) suddenly did not eat anymore on Saturday.
Friday she ate perfectly
Saturday: Nothing.
Sunday: very little (only fruits)
Monday: nothing

She tries to eat, bites into it...but is not eating it in the end and lets the food drop.

She is with a vet that is specialised in birds... they did x-ray, blood test and so on...but they find nothing.
Air ways are looking fine, organs are looking fine, blood test is looking fine...everything is looking fine...except that she does not eat.

She is staying with the vet and the clinic.. but they also can not get her to eat something.
She now has an infusion, so she will not get dehydrated.

The vet will try it with some pain medication, something against nausea and otherwise will begin the feed her directly by syringe tomorrow.

Anyone an idea what else could be tried?

Edit: the rest of the birds are completely fine.


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I'm sorry to hear this. I'm really glad you have her st the avian vet!!!

I've had birds stop eating with crop yeast infection. But I'm sure your vet would have swabed crop to look at cytology?

Ive also had stop eating with avian Chlamydia, before symptoms of . And this is more difficult to test for, has to be PCR/Elisa not culture.
I talk about avian Chlamydia a lot , because I had 7 birds come down with it. I had a very broad range of symptoms, some just lost weight, only a few had respiratory, but all did develope the bright green urates at some point