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Pet Conure/Parrot survival in the wild?

Morgan Haller

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about how a conure/parrot (who has been raised as a pet) does in the wild. I'm asking because my sun conure has been missing since Monday 7/22/19, and I've been trying everything to find him/get him home. I'm wondering how good his survival instincts would be to fend for himself in finding water, etc.

Can anyone share their experience with being reunited with their bird? How long was your bird out in the wild by themselves?

Unless someone has already picked up my bird, he is out in the San Antonio heat, and I don't know if he would know how to find water or anything on his own. I'm so worried about him and feel so helpless. I've gone out different places calling for him and I've canvased the internet and local area. Losing a pet is the worst. :(


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It's so hard to say. Some spend weeks or months in the wild, and others aren't as lucky :( I lost my green cheek May 2015 and I never learned her fate. Not knowing is the hardest part, I think.

Cat The Great

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I am so sorry that your bird has not been found yet. :( I am not sure on the survival instincts for any household raised parrot( it also depends if your bird is fully flighted or clipped, if your parrot is fully flighted I would say he has a higher chance of survival). However, there have parrots in past articles who have been found after a year or sereval months of going missing, so don’t give up!
As for experience, my parrot has been accidentally let out into the wild. My mom had accidentally opened the door, Georgie got frightened and she flew out. Luckily, we able to get her back (it was winter because it was stormy there no predators). It was a scary and unsettling experience, she was only out there for an hour, not long but we got her back by a small local bird scaring her and she didn’t go to far because we kept calling her. Anyways that is my experience, I hope it helps you out. :sadhug2: