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Pair of Lovebirds for adoption, Ca


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We unfortunately have to rehome two of our flock members. Noony and Picasso are a bonded (but not mated) pair of lovebirds. Unfortunately Picasso does not get along with my conures, and we are not in a position to move them out of the same room. This leaves poor Picasso in her cage all day since we cannot let them out unsupervised. They would be much happier in a new home where they can be let out all day or atleast for several hours.

Picasso is a blue black masked lovebird of about two years old. She was hand raised and is tame but does not appreciate being handled outside of her own volition. She likes to hang out and give kisses but is not a typical cuddly bird. She has laid eggs before and is often in a nesting behavior frenzy. This behavior needs to be actively mitigated or she is aggressive and territorial. She loves to be sweet talked and given kisses.
Noony is a three year old fischer hybrid (?) lovebird, possibly female but has never laid eggs and we refer to him as a he. Noony was not hand raised and has taken years to become tame enough to sit on our hands. He is now a v sweet baby who loves attention but from a short distance. He will actively seek you out to sit on your shoulder or head. He also takes food from our hands and will sit on our palms to eat. But he is still afraid of hands. He loves other birds, especially my conures, and will follow them around and sit near them. He thinks he's a part of their flock but unfortunately due to picasso's attitude his relationship with them has soured (he doesnt seem to care tho).

Birds are on a roudybush pelleted diet and are given fresh chop twice a day for breakfast and dinner. Overall are healthy babes and I will have them taken for a wellness check before they are rehomed.

The lovebirds must go together, and preferably to a home that doesnt have other larger birds (lovebird size and similar only). The pair is housed together but will not be coming with their cage.
They will come with all toys i have on hand, and a small travel cage.

A small rehoming fee applies. I dont think i need to say this, but you must be an experienced bird owner, preferably with lovebirds and their attitudes.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Located in California.