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Newly blind budgie


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Budgies are notorious seed addicts because most are weaned onto seeds because it’s faster for the breeders. To get my own 2 seed addicts to eat veggies, I have to chop them up very small and mix them with sprouted seeds and legumes. Maybe try some of the dry seed mixed with finely chopped veggies? They can’t help but get some veg when they go for the seeds.
For sure, that's what I've always done for them but even mixed in with the seed, he's refusing to eat it. I suppose he's just not feeling great.


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Hi, I hope Nimbus is still improving.
Merlin became blind in one eye since June this year. Maybe a bit longer, but he probably crashed in a wall because his head is hanging on the side andhe hasn't been flying since. He lost much weight at the same time, went down to 32g and I thought he was going to pass rapidly, but he is still around and gaining little weigh again...
I had to move him to a sick-cage to avoid our female harrassing him. I placed a towel over the bottom of his cage in a trampoline fashion so he doesn't hurt himself when he falls, which happens less and less. He has become very good at navigating on branches and between cages on ropes.
Took him about 6 to 8 weeks but he was also in poor shape after he crashed (?) his head and lost weigh. On the other hand he still has one eye fonctionning, and he is not alone so he is stimulated to move around, both to be with her and to avoid her when she is pestering him. So his situation is probably quite different from yours.


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I don't have any experience with blind birds, but it might be a good idea to put something soft on the bottom of his cage, such as nesting materials, shredded woods, of shredded paper etc. If he gets spooked he wont know where to land, and might end up heading straight onto the ground and hurting himself. <3