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New Sennie Behaviour


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Aiden Brick
We recently adopted a 4 year old Senegal from a local rescue (he’s been through 3 homes this year already) to permanently reside with us. So far he’s very shy and reserved but well-behaved. Mostly wants to stick to his cage and doesn’t go too far from it so we’re taking things slow. The only question I had is about a behaviour of his I haven’t encountered with other birds before. He steps up very well outside his cage, but when he’s in his cage if you reach over and tell him to step up he gently reaches over with his beak as if to test the strength of the “perch” and puts enough pressure to feel it (but definitely not a proper Senegal bite). He’ll hold on like this for a couple minutes before either walking away or stepping up. Is this his way of asking to be left alone? Or is it perhaps because he came from a family with young kids (and doesn’t fully trust the stability of hands yet)? I want to take things at his pace so I don’t want to push him too far if he’s gently asking to be left alone.



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Thanks for adopting this bird. Can you just let him come out on his own? If he's reluctant to come out, maybe entice him out with treats? I never take my birds out of the cage unless I have to and try to always give them the choice to come out. It could be as you said that he's telling you to leave him be or he could be saying you're invading my personal space.