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Biking along the boulevard
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Pacific Grove CA
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Peep is not a big talker but he has been saying Baby for a few weeks now. He is generally very quiet and only vocalizes when 1. He wakes up and wants me to come get him. 2. I leave the room without him. 3. Every day, mid morning, when the sun comes through the window. He sits on the head of my bed and chirps away, non-stop, for 20 or 30 minutes. "Baby" has become part of this routine. But today, I heard "Baby Peep!" Just once, but I'm sure I heard it. Another part of our daily routine is when I do the vocalizing. After he has stuffed his crop for the night, he comes up, head buts my lips, then hooks his beak on my bottom lip and vibrates while I say "Baby, Baby Peep, Baby Boy, Good Boy" etc, over and over for 10-15 minutes. The he runs to the foot of my bed, asking to be taken to his bed. He now will step up for this trip. It is the ONLY time he will sit on my finger. The finger-sitting started because he has begun falling off my arm. I thought it was from over-long toenails but it seems to be more of a balance thing. I'm not sure what is going on. I don't think losing his last 2 wing feathers could make a difference. But he has been falling off a lot lately, for whatever reason. And then he runs away when I try to pick him up. Like it was my fault! :huh: 763B1F6A-5A60-4644-BBB4-0A03C5EDC3FA.jpeg