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Moody Miss


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Would love some input on this before I take my girl to the vet for a checkup. Princess is an almost 4yr old double factor pied lorikeet. We bought her when she was approximately 2 yrs old and she is the love of our lives. She has full flight feathers and the freedom to investigate wherever she likes in our house. We open the cage door in the morning and close it when we put her to bed at night unless we are going out anywhere. Mostly she has company. She lays eggs in a normal fashion and no problems. Usually only 2. She has recently laid with no problem.
Lately she seems to spend a lot of her time on the top perch of her cage 'crying' even though the cage door is open. She does have occasional periods when she comes out for a bit of a play but it is not too long before she heads back in.
She does not look unwell and is eating. Sometimes she is crying in her sleep. I don't see anything physically wrong with her and she is well cherished and has a wonderful play set up with lots of fascinating things to keep her attention but she is a little disinterested at the moment. She is usually very affectionate almost to the point of being annoying but at the moment she would rather be in her cage. Any thoughts? Really appreciate your input. Cheers Sandy


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Sorry I can’t offer any advice other than to just bring her to the vet. More bc they can hide any sickness they may be going through because they are naturally prey animals. Best wishes I hope she turns out to be ok