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Mikey's Story

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What a great thread!! And my what a honor that has been bestowed onto Mikey getting the 'Inspiration Award.' :heart: :heart: Here's his story... My handicap cockatiel name is Mikey... :heart: I like to call him Mikey Likey.. :hehe: And goodness what a joy he is... I wasn't even 'looking' to add a new bird but this one day I just happened to have been surfing thru petfinders and I saw Mikey on their and it said that he only had one foot.. He was at our local humane society... So yeah the next day was Saturday so I went over with my parents to bring him some food, treats, toys, etc and ya know the minute I saw him I fell in love... :heart: :heart: :heart: I just had to have him!! So it was rather easy, I signed the paperwork and had my parents approval (they are my landlords).. Well they wheeled Mikey out to me in the front reception area where there must have been about 30 cats in cages and they all stared at my baby... :eek: Then someone tried to be funny and yelled 'Cockatiel Hell' yeah ok I have a sense of humor as well.. :hehe: So I get paperwork done and Mikey is in our car in no time... The sad thing about Mikey is I wasn't able to find out much about his previous history.. All I knew is that his previous owner had dementia and that the daughter brought him to the human society and all sher knew about Mikey was his name and that he lost his foot in a carpet accident.. :( :eek: Sadly I wasn't able to find out what type of food he was on, or treats he liked... We kinda had to learn together... I did get to keep the cage that he came in which is the only thing he had from his previous owner and he's very atttached to it... I was also clueless when it came to a disabled animal and how to set-up his cage... I would put that post here but don't know how too.. :lol: But anyway I found a ton of wonderful, loving people on here who helped me make my Mikey's life easier.. Oh November 14th, I will have had Mikey for a whole year!! I can't believe it myself!! And Mikey says thank you to all for making his life a happier one!! Isn't he a cutie pie!!! :hug8: :hug8: :highfive:


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