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lost red-belly Rome area GA

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Sprinting down the street
Decatur GA
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Carla Rae
I came across this on CL tonight

Lost Parrot!

Lost Parrot! (Lindale/Rome)

Date: 2010-04-04, 1:08PM EDT
Reply to: comm-h35r8-1675976721@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

My Red-bellied Parrot spooked from my porch Friday April 2, 2010. I lost sight of him and did not see where he landed. I did not think he had full flight but apparently he could go farther than I though. He is very friendly but can be shy around new people. If you see him, he will set up, but you just need to do it slowly. His name is Arby and he knows it and will say it. He also goes by Arby Butt. He knows "set-up". He likes being talked in a high pitch voice and should respond well to it. I live on Booze Mountain road right by the Industrial park in Lindale. Please if you live in the area keep an eye out for him and tell friends/family if they live by too. He is grey with orange and lime green on his chest and butt and has red eyes. I also attached a picture. I love him very much and just think he is confused where his is right now. I hope he will fly to a house looking for people and food. Please don't be afraid of him, he is friendly but can be nervous so approach slowly and talk to him to let him know you are friendly. Thank you to everyone who reads and keeps an eye out for him! I love him and miss him so much! I am also going to nearby neighbors and will be taking flyers to any Vet clinics near me so everyone knows if someone finds him! Thank you so much! If you see him or find him call Stephanie at 804-516-4329 or email me!
Not open for further replies.