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Lorikeets and Carpet - Possible?


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As part of my job I have almost finished hand rearing 4 rainbow lorikeets. They're going to be put up for sale soon at the shop I work at and it'll be hard to watch them go, especially one in particular who just has soooo much personality. I want to purchase him but my entire house is carpeted. How realistic would it be to try to 'lorikeet-poop proof' the carpeted area around a generously sized cage? If I put a LARGE mat around the cage area and then installed a transparent shower curtain to go around all four sides, do you think this would be enough to stop the poop squirting at night? Obviously during the day I would be able to keep a pack of wipes handy to clean up the messes that happen every 10-15 minutes or so. I have no problem running around cleaning up after him since I already do that with my one messy parrot. I also already know all the best tricks for cleaning poop off the carpet, haha. Anyone have any first hand experience with lorikeets and carpet? Any advice or thoughts? I might just have to let the idea go and accept that lorikeets and carpet don't mix. :wacky:


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Carpet isn't ideal, but you already know that since you're asking the question :)

Until I finish some renovations, my non-Lorikeet crew is mostly living in a carpeted area, and it's manageable.

Poly-backed kraft paper under play areas works very well and is leak proof, but others do well with a large mat or piece of linoleum -- not vinyl (just make sure whatever you get is a low VOC option or give it enough time to off-gas away from your indoor air).

You said you already know all the tricks, but since others reading this may not, I find that letting any accidents dry before vacuuming them up is the best for the low-pile carpet I'm dealing with (otherwise you end up smushing the wet poop deeper into the fibres).


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We bought a huge roll of lay-down vinyl flooring in our bird room. It was cheap to buy and easy to clean. All we did was lay it over the top of our existing flooring without glue. It acts as one huge rug.