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Looking for ALL current/past brown headed parrot owners! INFO NEEDED


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The two weeks will probably fly by quickly. Very exciting!


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Hi Monica, thank you so much for your response! I understand babies will want to use their mouths more, but how do you think I should react to this behaviour? We have dogs, and when our puppies were mouthy, we redirected with a toy, or removed ourselves from the situation for a brief time out. Now I know dogs and birds are two very different species, but would the same principal apply, or would birds not respond to this type of training? We have purchased literally close to 600$ in toys, different type of natural wood and rope perches, foraging toys etc. We also plan to clicker train when our new little one comes home. We've even ordered training perches and a training kit from The Parrot Wizard (if you're familiar with his work). We're really looking forward to our new bird and plan to work through all challenges that come our way. We just want to ensure we know how to work through the various challenges. I guess our first challenge being that of having a baby who likes to use their beak. How might we go about setting the right foundation from the beginning?
I think finding this all out is the love of having parrots. noone knows everything just like noone knows how to raise a baby, it kind of just comes to you. you end up learning the behavior and what each yell is for almost. the things you dont know the internet has. main thing is proper diet and attention. you can listen to other owners but as someone said somewhere in this forum every owner has their own unique experience based on what they do for that bird. everything is involved in behavior from lighting, bedtime, naps and so on. you could hear bad and yours grow complete opposite. I have several young birds 2 to 3 that were raised from babies. its like watching a real baby grow. everyday something new to experience. part of what makes owning them not as boring. as long as you have the time for attention and it doesnt have to be a lot. you should be fine. as birds grow i noticed they dont like to be held as much anymore. they like the head scratch then want to do their own thing. no bird just bites you for fun either. you usually know to stay away or force your hand in.

1 last thing.. ive always held the beak when i felt they were going to try and bite. using index finger and thumb. not hard but firm hold. they learn what it means and wont bite. mine seem to even get happy when i do it.
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