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Life for Birds After Strokes


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My Lillith had a stroke around three years ago. When I first realized there was something wrong with her, I had never felt more worried sick. But I have come to learn a lot about strokes in lovebirds since that time. The vet informed me that birds recover remarkably well from strokes. And he was right. She's completely back to her old self again. If anything, I have a closer bond with her now.

She can't fly as well as she used to. I never clipped her wings but when I had her out I would do so in quiet settings so that nothing would spook her to fly. Over time she's learned to love cuddles and head scratches, haha. But yeah, if she took off, she would not be able to comprehend direction. I think I did a good job to prevent her from crash landing. It only happened a few times over the course of years. These days, she has gotten better with direction. Her flying isn't as good as it used to be, but when she gets spooked she's more easily able to fly towards me to land on.

I haven't talked to any other bird owners whose birds have had strokes, so everything I say is from my experience.


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I’m sorry that happened but it seems like it’s ended up the best it could.
My Duckie hit a window - hard - several years ago and now, if he ever panic-flies, he’ll have a small seizure. This may have began with a trauma-induced stroke, but I can’t be sure. It’s scary to see and makes him very wobbly and out of balance and stiff, but overall he’s a happy, spunky dude.