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Layaway Program at Avian Antics

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Throughout today I have had a number of inquiries into our Layaway program. So, I will provide an overview for all here;

I initiated a 'Layaway' plan so that everybody would be able to take advantage of Sales and Promotions. Oftentimes good deals happen too far from payday, or you need to wait for the next billing cycle to use your credit card, or you had an unexpected Vet bill, or DH doesn't get it.... whatever!

  1. Shop as you normally would
  2. Enter your Coupon Code (if applicable)
  3. Select "Check or Business Check" as the payment method.
  4. If you order qualifies for Free Shipping, select "Local Pickup" as the shipping option.
  5. In the comments section type "Layaway" and the approximate date you plan to pay for your order. Something like "2 weeks" or "30 days" is just fine.
  6. Complete your order.
Once I receive your order, I will send you a Money Request through PayPal. The money request will reference your order number.

It is your choice how you want to pay. You can send a check, or you can pay through PayPal/Credit Card. You can make payments or pay all at once. Whatever works best for you.

To make a payment via PayPal, simply send the payment to my email address: shelly@aviananticsbirdtoys and reference your Order Number in the comments section.

To mail a payment, mail to the address on the website under the "Contact" link (upper right, just under logo). Be sure to reference your order number on the check.

Once your order has been paid in full your merchandise will be shipped.

It is important that you note in the comments section approximately when you will be paying. *I do not pull items from stock and hold them for layaway orders. I wouldn't want to hold organic foods for a month, nor lose a sale because something shows up out of stick, that is really here but being held for a Layaway order. Thus, if I know approximately when you will be paying for your order, I can make sure I have all your items in stock.
*Exceptions to this are discontinued items or items whose quantities are limited for whatever reason. For instance if you ordered Beak Appetite, I would pull and hold that for you, as once its gone, its gone.

You will find all of the information above on our Store Policies Page (top right, under logo).

A refresher for the final day of the AA Sidewalk Sale.

  1. The Sidewalk Sale ends Sunday/Monday at midnight, EST. It really, truly does. I will be making toys 12 hours a day, until my fingers are bloody stumps, to fill all your orders! (don't worry I will wear gloves, so as not to bleed on the toys :) It will be awhile before I offer any further substantial promotions, I will definitely need a vacation, when I am done with y'all!
  2. Multiple Coupon Codes - we are offering several different promotions. To use multiple coupon codes you MUST place separate orders. Simply select "Local Pickup" as the shipping option for all your orders and we will invoice you through PayPal for shipping charges, if you do not meet the $75.00 minimum after discounts. COUPON CODES: 25% OFF Get A Grip Nets = THEAVE25; 25% OFF Avian Antics Toys = AVIANAVE; 10% OFF Wingdow Window Seat = WINGDOW2010; 15% OFF Everything Else = AABT15. Coupon Codes cannot be combined. One Coupon code per order.
  3. FREE SHIPPING for the AA Sidewalk Sale promotion is offered on orders $75.00 or over. (see details on Sales & Promotions page)
  4. If you can, please take a moment and place a small order for the Gabriel Foundation. There is a 20% discount for any purchase designated for Gabriel. A great toy for any of these birds is the Pine Tree Chew. Simple, inexpensive, plain, provides lots of chewing exercise, and is generally well accepted by birds that have little experience with toys. You will find details on how to donate a toy to Gabriel on the Sales and Promotions page. IF YOU DONATE A AVIAN ANTICS TOY, BE SURE TO USE THE AVIANAVE COUPON CODE AND RECEIVE 25% OFF. Whatever you may donate, select "Local Pickup" as the shipping option, as shipping to Gabriel is being donated by us, along with toys.
NOTE: If you have ordered through our store, you have been signed up to receive our newsletter, it is rare that anyone finds the opt out information during checkout. I am not much of a newsletter author and only rarely send out a true newsletter. What you will receive are simple notices of New items in the store, Sales and Promotions. If, when you receive one of these you do NOT want to receive anymore, simply unsubscribe. It's simple and it works. Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter and click on unsubscribe and you will never receive a notice from us again.

Lastly - please do take some time to look through out store. We offer great pricing on things like Harrison's and Good Stuff Organic Foods, Sprout Kits, Accessories and Supplies. If there is something that you would like to see us carry, just let me know, I am more than happy to add things to inventory that I know customers want. We offer FREE SHIPPING all the time on orders $150.00 & over, continental U.S., and discounted shipping to international customers.

Thank you all and please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.
Not open for further replies.