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Large, barely used cage!


Walking the driveway
Hi all! I have this massive 36"W x 30"D x 66"H (outside dimensions) cage in sliver vein that I am looking to sell. The bar spacing is 1" and the bar thickness is 5mm. I paid 500 dollars for it on birdcages4less.com. I had Aries (a very healthy bird) in it for about two weeks before I returned him, so it's barely used. I have already disinfected it, but I would give it a wash down before using it. I am selling it for best offer, but at least $100 would be nice. My family is pretty eager to get rid of it, as it is taking up a lot of space. We are not willing to ship, as I think it would get damaged in the mail. We are in Kansas; if you are interested and need a more specific location PM me. It's a great cage! IMG_3505.JPG