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Pictures Kestrels in Tampa

Mark & Da Boyz

Rollerblading along the road
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Tampa, Fl
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I moved to Tampa and thought the days of wild birding was over. Little did I know! I have a pair of Kestrels right out my back door! Now they've come and gone a couple of times But are hanging around lately so I wanted to get a photo or two...problem in I don't have a real camera only the cell phone and no way it's going to get a photo from 100-150 feet away and at the top of a power pole. Well I have a little telescope (a spotting scope) and I had been using it to peek on the Quakers (yes there is a small flock of wild Quakers here) and decided to try and use that to get a photo. It worked...sort of. Nothing National Geographic would print but at least you can see them. So here we go, I really need to buy a real camera with a telephoto len...and learn hot to use it. Plus a poor photo of the Quakers in the tree from last fall. You can make out up a couple at the top IF you have a good imagination.

Kestrel.jpg Kestrels on the pole.jpg Quakers in the tree.jpg