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Just sharing some excitement...


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So after a good while of saving up money aside, i'm able to afford one of my dream tanks for my hermit crabs! It's a custom one, which I will be purchasing at the next Reptile Expo in november. It's about 80gallons, which is a huge improvement from my current 45gal. I'll be turning my office room into a hermit crab room, with a day/night cycle set on the LEDS.
I'll also be getting 2 more hermit crabs! I've been notified by a friend that her hermit crabs have eggs, and hopefully they will survive, and I'm able to get two from her- but if not I'll get from Facebook, gumtree etc. I seriously can't wait, and I also plan to make this next tank bioactive! With springtails, isopods, plants, uvb and so on. If all goes well, it'll be finished by end of November!! :bliss: