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Is he plucking or is it his cagemate????


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Alright so I've had pluckers in the past that I have fostered but this one I am really starting to think its his buddy versus him. I found two lovebirds recently someone was getting rid of in a marketplace group. They're roughly 1.5 years old. The other is a female that, per the previous owner, is broody and nesty a lot. Per the previous owner the female has been acting like she's about to lay soon. Female is in 100% perfect feather

He is in perfect feather except right up into the shoulders and behind his neck. The shoulder in the photo looks like there is scabs, he also has a scab on his foot.

Am I crazy to think this looks like the female is plucking him? (by 'him' btw I actually have zero idea if 'he's' male or female yet, previous owner said no babies ever came of the eggs so I'm assuming female but I'm still going to call him a him lol).

I little more info, cage is pretty small very little in terms of shredding fun type toys. Only a couple plastic ones that look like they've been in there forever. Already adding more toys to keep them busy and some foraging stations. I have a new cage on the way that's either a side by side cage or I can remove the divider and make one long cage. Plan was for it to be used as one long cage but I may separate depending on the answers here and the vet.

Asking here before I can get him into the vet, it doesn't look like a life and death issue so I'm on the schedule to get in but I didn't think it was worth an emergency visit.

Opinions? Would y'all agree this looks like someone is plucking him or do you think its possible he did this to himself?

339353281_1288945565443908_6482746084172479535_n.jpg 339502622_951460305879831_5473163390508536486_n.jpg 339638382_1379259636203922_377383761810632397_n.jpg 339651763_768396894568793_3186238528287949296_n.jpg


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I don’t know much about plucking but I’d assume if he can’t reach that area with his beak then it’s probably his cage mate.