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If You Choose To Have A Necropsy Done

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To allow a beloved bird to undergo a necropsy is a painful, difficult choice for some. The thought of your pet going "under the knife" is almost more than some can bear. This is understandable.
Many people are torn as to whether or not they should have a Necropsy performed. This is a very personal decision and made more difficult when we are in shock and in mourning over the loss of our beloved bird.

Some valid reasons why people say no to Necropsy:
~ The cause of death is already known.
~ There are no other birds in the home and no other birds will be added in the near future.
~ It is personally too emotionally upsetting.
~ It is not financially feasible.

Some valid reasons why people say yes to Necropsy:
~ The health of the rest of the flock or possible future birds.
~ Assisting the advancement of avian science. The answers and solutions that are found may, in the future, prevent the very problem that caused your bird's death.
~ To find out the cause of death for personal closure.

How to prepare your bird for a Necropsy:
As quickly as possible, the bird should be sprinkled with cool water and placed inside a plastic bag which must then be placed inside the refrigerator (triple plastic bag). You may find it easier to place it inside a brown paper bag. It must be placed in the refergerator, and NOT THE FREEZER, as freezing ruins the tissue for certain tests."

This site tells you how to prepare your bird....:
Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine - My Bird Died - Preparing For A Necropsy

Other sites of interest:
What Is An Avian Necropsy?
Finding Out Why Your Bird Died
Joyce's Birds-Article-necropsy
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