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Dorset, England, UK
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He was born in July. We have spent half the day at the pet shop talking to the breeder. She was really really helpful and she guided us through getting everything we needed and clearing everything up.

I would like to mention that we had already researched them, and made sure they would work for us. The lady who bred them was very pleased to give them to us (they know us pretty well, so like it when we take things. She actually thanked us for taking him!)

I would also like to mention another thing. They, like birds, have very specialist care needs, and must be throughly researched. It really helped to have people to talk to about similar species.i would advise you all do the same if considering a tenrec or hedgehog.

Here he is. He is really handalble, and we had him all over us whilst we were there! We are thinking of names too, so any suggestions would be welcomed. Next week I'll post more pictures (we have to leave him be a week before we can handle him)


For anyone wondering...

He has a wooden vivarium 48 inches by 18 by 18. It is heated to about 28 degrees c.