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How to Quarentine

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How to properly quarantine a bird without an out-building or separate air supply.

Not many of us have the ability to do a full medical quarantine. First off, that is the ideal way to do a quarantine, but there are techniques that you can use that will reduce the risk of a disease being transmitted to a very low risk level for the other birds in your home.

What you will need:
1. A smock that goes down to knee level.
2. A hairnet
3. Anti-bacterial Soap
4. Paper towels.
5. Nail brush
6. Paper towels
7. Hydrogen peroxide and water mixture

Place your new bird in another room, preferably one where the door can be kept closed. Take care of the other birds in your home first thing, before you care for the new bird.

When you enter the quarantine room, pull on your hairnet and smock. (If you want to change clothes and shower after caring for your new pet that works too!) This will keep any feces, dander, etc you come into contact with from being transmitted around the house with you.
Clean the water and food bowls in a sink that you don’t use to clean up after the other birds. If you don’t have a separate water supply, make sure you disinfect the area around the sink, and the sink itself after cleaning the new bird’s bowls. Don’t forget the knobs on the sink!!
If you have to leave the quarantine room for any reason, take off your smock and hair net before leaving, and put them back on when you return to the room.

Clean and wash everything you can in the quarantine room (not the birds cages if they are in it!) with the water and hydrogen peroxide solution every day. This will keep the dander and other yuckie stuff to a minimum, leaving less for you to accidentally track around your home.
When you are finished, change your socks, remove your smock and hairnet. Now go wash your hands letting your hands hang fingers down to rinse, so that the water runs from your wrists, down off of your finger tips. . Remember to clean under your fingernails with the nail brush. Dry your hands with a clean paper towel and throw it away. Turn the water on and off with a paper towel, this will keep germs off of your sinks knobs.

Clean your “clean up area” with disinfectant at least once a day!

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thanks for sharing the good tips


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Yes, I hope to get some new budgies later this year, but I live in a 1 bedroom flat with an ensuite bathroom.

(When I first got Beaker, he was in the living room and Spook stayed in my room).


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I wish I would have read this early, my new fid that was dropped off at my house (my cousin didn't want her anymore) has passed a bacteria to my other bird Stitch. It probably didn't help that we moved that same week, the AC stopped working (so we only had one window unit) in the middle of the massive heat last week.... :( I had a feeling Stitch was exposed to something :(
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