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How to pet older lovebirds


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Anthony Zacarias
So my lovebird who i got almost 2 years ago is about 13 or 14 and I basically tamed her, i can handfeed her, she cuddles with me, by cuddle I mean she goes and leans on my face and puts her head feathers in my mouth like she wants me to preen her. But she doesn't let me pet her with my hands and won't bite you unless either you're pointing are her or try petting her. She doesn't bite that hard but I want to be able to pet her does anybody have any tips to train a old lovebird? I really want to buy a harness for her but she won't let me grab her please help if you have tips


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Hello Anthiony, Welcome to the Avenue :)

This thing with ¨petting¨, touching and more hands-on handling, is it is something that you can´t train. All you can do is continue to build the trust between you and hope that one day she will become receptive to it. Just keep in mind, she may not.
It sounds like you have made a lot of progress together, so who knows what the future holds....
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