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How did your bird(s) get their names?

Yuki Shiro

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This is already a bit old; but too good to not write.

My parrotlets are Rio (blue) and Gamble (green, pied)
Both mainly for their activity.

Rio is, of course, an active, colourful city (or so I think) and the name of an animated parrot movie.
Gamble is the name of a vulcano, also I'm not 100% sure that she's a girl (but maybe 99%).


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Sunni my heart bird came named 34yrs ago, she is a wonderfully sweet YNA.

We adopted a CAG 6 years ago. He came with the name Rowdy. He renames himself from time to time, “Good morning Rowdy” The first time:
This year he is “Goober”


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I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who takes forever to decide on names for my feathered friends! It took me about 6 weeks to finally name Puck (CAG). I knew I wanted a name from literature, but nothing seemed to work until I thought of Shakespeare's mischievous fairy. Puck is quite a character, and his name fits. Though my son always says, "Leave it to mom to name a talking bird Puck when he has no lips to make the "P" sound!" It is kind of funny when he lands clumsily on the ground and says "Puck".

We also have two toy poodles, Pippin (who I named after both the musical and the LOTR character) and Samson (who my husband named...He has had 4 pets names Samson now. I guess he really likes that name. Glad he didn't suggest it for our children!)

Recently I brought home my long-awaited Galah Cockatoo! He is beautiful and snuggly and spunky, of course...but I just can't settle on a name! He has been Willoughby (Willo for short) and then Charlie (I thought Puck and Chuck sounded cute together.) and Piper (because I like the idea of another "P" name). But none of those seemed to fit him. I'm sure I will find the perfect name eventually, but for now, I call him Toodles because of the way he follows me around. It's so funny because he walks really fast, unlike Puck who takes his sweet time.